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Personal Jewelry & Watch Service by Appointment

Time for a Change

Life is all about change. So it is with Salomon Jewelers. After 81 years of conducting business at 606 Hamilton St. Allentown,  is now pleased to provide personal jewelry and watch service by appointment.


Business by Appointment

Customers with busy lifestyles and work schedules really appreciate this unique personal service. This custom service provides: Jewelry Restyles undefined Repairs New Designs Add A Pearls undefined Restringing Gifts Watches & Repairs.

You may contact our company to schedule an appointment for pick-up of your items at home or work...whichever is most convenient for you! Contact our company to schedule an appointment for jewelry or watch repair in Allentown and surrounding areas.

Salomon Jewelers exists to give personal service to our clients.

Jewelry & Repair

Rely on the professionals at Salomon Jewelers to provide you with quality watch and jewelry repair. Additionally, we offer custom-made jewelry that is designed to complement your style and taste.

Keeping Perfect Time

Find wonderful watches, or repair your current timepiece when you do business with Salomon Jewelers. Our company offers new and pre-owned watches, and specializes in reliable repair services.

Contact our company to schedule an appointment for
jewelry or watch repair in Allentown, Pennsylvania.
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About Us

Keep your timepiece in check with reliable watch repair from Salomon Jewelers in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Our company aims to provide our customers with the highest-quality products and services to meet and exceed their expectations. In 81 years of business, we've fine-tuned our expertise, and feel a sense of personal obligation to our customers, whose families have become third-generation friends.

We offer fine-quality jewelry that ranges from rings and earrings, to bracelets, necklaces, and quality watches. Additionally, we provide custom jewelry designs that are centered on your vision. Get the dazzling accessories you've been looking for when you shop at Salomon Jewelers.